Retro 75 Custom Baseball Cards

Make your own baseball card with Starr Cards.

Retro 75 series is the primary card design within Starr Cards award-winning Baseball Card Maker for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Its throwback look is the perfect fit for a Little League or prep team — each and every card is sure to be a collectable keepsake.


Starr Cards Retro 75 series captures the funky flavor of 70′s era trading cards with a detailed player silhouette, bold coloring and a raw-cardboard backside.
Baseball card template from Starr Cards Baseball Card Maker.By default, the backsides of cards feature entertaining baseball trivia including a cartoon Q&A section, fast facts, insider capsules, and the best quotes from the history of the sport.


Like all of our card series, we’ve loaded the Retro 75 design with goodies so you can produce the ultimate baseball cards. No mere baseball card template, every aspect of your trading card is fully customizable:

Make your own custom baseball cards with Starr Cards.

★ player name, position, and number ★ team name, home field, and mascot
★ color scheme for the card’s front side ★ season and lifetime statistics
★ bio data including birthplace or hometown ★ anecdote, trivia, or highlight


Starr Cards Retro 75 Baseball Card Maker evokes memories of a time when gas cost forty-four cents a gallon, Jaws captivated movie goers, Aerosmith rocked the airwaves, Jimmy Hoffa went missing, and Cincinnati’s “Big Red Machine” was in full swing.

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Discover for yourself why Starr Cards is being hailed as “the most exciting development in sports card collecting in the new millennium.” If seeing is believing, then Starr Cards is sure to make you both a believer and a diehard fan. If you like baseball, you’re gonna love Starr Cards Retro 75 series!

23 Comments to “Retro 75 Custom Baseball Cards”

  • Best dang baseball cards on the planet. The auto calculated stats are great.

  • Starr Cards is the Cadillac of personalized baseball cards. Or maybe the Ford Mustang of do it yourself trading cards. Or the Tesla of sports card makers. Anyway, it’s a perfectly engineered app for making some smokin’ hot cards.

  • Awesome card design! I love how the silhouette changes for every position and I can even add cards for manager, owner, and even an entire team. You guys really thought of everything. Now if you could just get my team to win. :-)

  • I don’t know how you guys did it, but the Starr Cards look great even printed at poster size. I didn’t even know the iPhone could do vector graphics.

  • These are every bit as good as advertised. I’ve been making my own baseball cards for both of my sons for several years now, and previously used other “make your own” products that left me less than satisfied with the results. Starr Cards, on the other hand, exceeded expectations in every way. Thanks for a great app and I’m looking forward to trying the Retro 75 Tennis app when I get the chance.

  • We ordered cards for the whole Little League team and immediately had to get a second set for all the boys after they were inundated with requests. I love the attention to the details you guys put into the card designs. I plan to try the Retro 50 series next… ;-)

  • Completely awesome cards! I love the attention to all the little details that are in the app and the way it auto calculates batting average, earned run average, etc. After so many years baseball being in the headlines due to bloated contracts and steroid issues, this is the kind of thing that puts pure, unadulterated fun back into America’s Pastime.

  • As a lifelong baseball fan supreme, (and, more to the point, a Yankees fan!), I love the details you guys have loaded into your app. If Sinatra had sung about Starr Cards he would have crooned that they are “top of the list, head of the heap, king of the hill.” And he would have been correct in that assessment. Great app at a great price.

  • It would be rad if you could make a Magic the Gathering style game using these cards, but with a baseball theme. Maybe it could tie in fantasy sports somehow.

    • That’s a great idea. I think way back when Topps first started in the early 1950s they had some sort of baseball game incorporated in the cards. But the gameplay was too simplistic.

      It would great if you could trade cards you made with other users right on the iPhone. Maybe the cards that were traded the most often would be worth the most.

  • Just in time for spring training. I like the collector’s album in the app with the trifold mylar style pages. They even crinkle when you turn them just like the real ones. Every detail in the R75 series is true to its cardboard cousin. It would be really interesting if you could somehow assign values to card for virtual trading too.

    • I agree. It would be really amazing if you could bid against other users’ cards to create values for the cards you make. If you could also “collect” other people’s cards in your own album that would be neat.

  • We ordered 20 cards each for every member of our Little League team this past season and the kids were blown away. The quality exceeded all expectations. I’m looking forward to see what new designs you guys have ready for next year. Go Tigers!!!

  • Excellent card maker app. Very nice job guys…

  • I’ve tried several, and these are the best make it yourself baseball cards ever. Period.

  • ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

    Outstanding cards and app. The album is the perfect way to organize the cards and the effect of the turning pages really captures the feel of vinyl. To cap it off the signature space on the inside back cover is a clever touch. Everything about the app is of the highest quality.

  • Just what I needed for my Little League team. I don’t know if the kids or their parents like them more.

  • freakin awesome design. everything has a great throwback feel to it.

  • The Retro Card Maker produces some very, very slick looking baseball cards. They totally look like pro cards from the seventies. Great idea and amazing app.

  • This app is just the ticket I was looking for. Making a set of cards for my Little League team has really built team camaraderie and developed a real sense of belonging. It’s great to see the other teams asking our players if they could have their cards after the game.

    • I was just curious how you went about printing the cards. I exported the standard baseball card size and was hoping to use Word, Excel or Publisher to be able to print 9 cards on a page. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

  • Like they say in the U2 song these are “even better than the real thing”. The stats entry system is easy to use and I like that the card uses baseball trivia for any parts of the backside that I don’t complete with personalized info. You guys have really made the ultimate baseball card maker app.

  • Both of my boys thank you for this great app and more specifically for the “awesome” retro style cards it can produce. The baseball cards look amazing even printed at the largest sizes.

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